Urgent Help

Request for Urgent Help during COVID-19 Emergency

Who we are

Boston Rare Connections (BRC) is a rare disease patient advocacy nonprofit organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Our mission is to connect patients and their families who have rare and undiagnosed diseases with medical and scientific communities for better diagnosis and treatment.

What we are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we partnered with the Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) to request urgent assistance for rare disease patients in Chinese adversely affected by medical supply shortages caused by the COVID crisis in that country. Now that the pandemic has spread worldwide and to our home city of Boston, we are now pivoting our efforts to support our healthcare workers and patients—especially rare disease patients—here in New England.

Why we are doing this

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a total 3,401,189 people and resulted in more 239,604 deaths so far, with over one third of all cases happening in the USA, in particular in New York and Boston area. With the increasing amount of COVID-19 patients surge into hospitals and lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), a large number of healthcare workers across the world and in the US are now affected by coronavirus, and many have lost their life on the front lines.

We at Boston Rare Connections aim to act as a liaison in distributing personal protective equipment (such as N95 and surgical masks) and monetary donations to frontline healthcare workers in hospitals around Boston, New York, and the New England area where we are headquartered. As we help our front-line healthcare heroes, more life of COVID-19 patients, including rare disease patients affected by the coronavirus crisis, will be saved.

How you can help

In this unprecedented COVID-19 emergency, please join Boston Rare Connections in our work to support front-line healthcare providers by send your donations to hospitals directly or through Boston Rare Connections. Financial assistance and donations of critically-needed supplies or personal protective equipment can be sent to hospitals directly. Here are some donation web links for hospitals in Boston area:

You can also make your monetary donations through the BRC website here, or send supplies or personal protective equipment to BRC Boston headquarter address (91 Oakmere Street, Boston, MA 02132, USA), where donations will be directly sent to hospitals in New York, Boston and New England area to help those in need. We are all in this together. Thank you!

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