Advisory Board

Gary E. Eddey
Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Eddey Gary is a volunteer consultant with the Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Clinical Associate Professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Eddey is a general academic pediatrician who has cared for children and young adults with significant physical disabilities for most of his career. He chaired Matheny’s Bioethics Advisory Committee at Matheny Medical and Educational Center and cared for patients with multiple chronic illnesses including individuals with Lesch Nyhan disease (LND). Dr. Eddey graduated from Weill Cornell Medicine and also received his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh in Human and Population Genetics. He also enjoys teaching and writing, and has published several novels, short stories, and non-fiction works.

Jin Xiaowei
Advisory Board

Dr. Jin Xiaowei is currently the Head of Business Development of Hua Medicine. Previously she was Vice President of Discovery Biology at Medicilon Shanghai. She has over 20 years of extensive experience in global biopharmaceutical industry, ranging from early discovery to clinical development and business strategy. Dr. Jin started her industry career in drug discovery as a research scientist at Biogen. She received her PhD in Biochemistry and Pharmacology from the University of Virginia and completed her postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School. She also earned her BS from the University of Science & Technology of China with highest honors. She has been one of the key organizers and chairpersons for the annual China Rare Disease Summit, the largest and most influential event dedicated to rare disease in China.