Boston Rare Connections


Boston Rare Connections is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity patient advocacy organization focused on helping those with rare and undiagnosed disorders. By building public awareness for these disorders through education and informational exchange, Boston Rare Connections aims to support the treatment and early diagnosis for patients living with rare and undiagnosed diseases.


What We Provide

For Patients

BRC is a space to share the stories and experiences of those living with rare and undiagnosed diseases, so that patients and their families can discover, connect with, and support each other.

For Caregivers

BRC is a space to raise awareness for rare and undiagnosed disorders by providing information and resources online, allowing for better treatment and early diagnosis.

For Researchers

BRC is a space to promote and assist researchers and innovators working towards the treatment of rare and undiagnosed disorders.



Facts of Rare Disease


Distinct Types of Rare and Genetic Diseases


of Rare Diseases Lack an FDA Approved Treatment

4.8 Years

The Average Time it Takes for Rare Patients to Receive an Accurate Diagnosis

因为有你, 爱不罕见


Because of You, Love is not Rare

— Kevin Huang, a rare disease patient


Rare Disorders without Borders

Rare Disease Day 2013 SLOGAN

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